Quantum PCO® Pro Plus+

Purifies Your Indoor Air While Protecting Your HVAC System

Quantum PCO® Pro Plus+

Main features

  • Works on odors, VOC’s & microbials
  • UVGI, carbon matrix & PCO oxidation
  • 4.5” programmable color touchscreen
  • Audible & visual service notification
  • Ozone free plus UVV option & dual 254 nanometer lamps
  • Large active surface area & auto sensing ballast
  • Optimized tri-process air treatment

Specs & Details

Quantum PCO Pro Plus is an Advanced Air Treatment System engineered to “scrub” & “detox” your indoor air. Utilizing the latest in air scrubbing technology, this product kills airborne bacteria, viruses, molds & pathogens, while it oxidizes your air. This unique combination enhances air purification by constantly scrubbing your
indoor air as it freely circulates, while prolonging the life of your AC Unit.

  • Enhanced purification for your indoor air
  • Uses safe, ozone free, processes to clean indoor air
  • Keeps your HVAC unit “mold free” & energy efficient






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