Quantum 254® Basic LED HL

Remove Mold, Germs & Bacteria For Healthier Indoor Air

Quantum 254® Basic LED HL

Main features

  • Dual voltage UV germicidal air purifier
  • Dual voltage ballast switchable from 120 VAC to 240 VAC
  • 16” Twin Tube Germicidal H lamp penetrates duct 15.25” Two Year Lamp Life
  • 190 Micro watts

Specs & Details

The Quantum 254® Basic LED HL is designed to reduce or eliminate mold, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores from the indoor air your family breathes every day. Mounted in your
existing duct system, this product reduces symptoms of asthma and allergies, while making your air healthier to breath.

  • Reduces germs, bacteria & viruses
  • Relieves symptoms of allergies and asthma




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