Panasonic Exterios XE Series Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

Provides optimal comfort along with reduced energy consumption

Panasonic Exterios XE Series Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

Main features

  • Personalize room temperature control and optimize occupant comfort
  • Reduce energy usage with eco-friendly, energy saving equipment
  • Lower operating cost
  • Quick cooling and heating
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Eliminate hot/cold spots in your home
  • Fast installation by a licensed contractor

Specs & Details

Exterios XE Series Wall-Mounted Heat Pump ductless heating and air conditioning systems provide optimal comfort along with the reduced energy consumption that comes with zoned temperature control. The Exterios XE ductless systems feature an outdoor condenser unit connected to a single indoor unit via narrow refrigerant piping and unlike traditional A/C systems, ductless systems are easy to install with minimal disruption. A small exterior wall penetration is all that’s required.

  • Single-Zone: Eff ective solution for bedrooms, game rooms, home off ices, garages, workshops, additions and rooms that are too hot or too cold.






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