MicroPower® Guard

Eliminate 97% of airborne particles that cause poor indoor air quality

MicroPower® Guard

Main features

  •  Fits easily into your existing one-inch furnace filter area
  • Highly efficient media protects your HVAC equipment
  • Contains electronic polarized media to provide maximum air cleaning
  • 97% efficient for particles down to 0.3 microns in size
  • Draws only 2 watts of power
  • Excellent solution for children and family with allergies and asthma

Specs & Details

The MicroPower Guard electronic air cleaner removes 97% of airborne particles that can contaminate your indoor air, making it safer and more comfortable for your family to breath. This includes allergens such as pollen, biological materials, and dust mite pellets. The air cleaner also eliminates contaminants that other filters miss, including bacteria, smoke and other odors.

  • Removes 97% of harmful airborne particles, including allergens
  • Controls smoke and other odors
  • Improves airflow by up to 50% over standard carbon filter



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